Camouflage the Smell of Cannabis 
Vnella is fragrant and is the perfect additive to your smoking experience
  • Contains herbs that support lung health
  • Provides a smooth/pleasant smoking experience
  • Contains Antioxidant qualities
  • Camouflages the smell of Cannabis
  • Organic and Canadian Sourced Herbal Blend
  • Perfect for the Discreet and Considerate Smoker
Vnella combines the perfect blend of herbs and pasteurized honey to create a fluffy additive to your spliff. We hand sift and dehydrate our herbs to create a fresh green product that has the perfect balance of taste and aroma.  
6 Benefits of Vnella that will blow your mind!
  • Vnella stops the smell of cannabis
  • It tastes great and enhances your smoking experience
  • We guarantee that no one will know that you smoke
  • Perfect for Condo owners who want to smoke inside
Vnella is a Unique and Amazing Product!
  • Pinch a small amount of Vnella and add it to your cannabis roll up joint as usual 
  • The best ratio is 2:1 (Cannabis: Vnella)
How To Use Vnella:

Vnella is an original Canadian product of organic smokable herbs.  The amazing aspect of this product is that it masks the smell of cannabis both in the air and in your clothes. We know life is busy and when you're home and you want to relax sometimes you want to smoke a joint without the neighbours knowing. That’s why we designed Vnella: to give you a clean exhale with your cannabis that tastes great and masks the smell. All our products are 100% vegan and come in sustainable packaging. So you know you’re making a healthy choice – for your body and our planet.
My partner and I have been using vnella for a month, and we both love the way it tastes. We work long hours so when we have a chance we love to add some vnella to our smoke and enjoy a nice flavoured smoke.

- Leslie and Tom Stewart
As a busy business owner – when I get home from work I sometimes want to unwind and relax with some cannabis.  It's nice to know that I can smoke without my neighbours finding out.  I like to be private, vnella allows for that.

- Sarah Munroe
What some of Our Discreet Smokers have to say
Two Delicious Flavours 
Product image
Vnella - Honey Mint
Our Honey Mint blend is carefully produced to provide a fresh menthol flavour for your smoke. All of our aromatic blends are created with perfection and provide a smooth smoking experience while camouflaging the smell.
Product image
Vnella - Vanilla
Vanilla is our signature blend; its a delicious mixture of organic Madagascar vanilla with a hint of unpasteurized honey. Vanilla is a great antioxidant and provides a great boost to the immune system.
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